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Maha-ri Farming Village Experience

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#51-36, Muhi-gil (Maha-ri), Mitan-myeon
Gangwon Province


Farming Village Experience


A place reminiscent of a hometown! Maha-ri Farming Village Experience offers a place where people, the nature, experience and relaxation coexist! This is what Maha-ri Farming Village Experience in PyeongChang can provide visitors! If one wants to leave the city’s forest of buildings and be embraced by the Mother Nature, he or she is recommended to leave for Maha-ri this winter! PyeongChang Maha-ri Village, an unusual area well hidden at the top of a mountain! Residents in Munhi Village in Maha-ri serve sticky rice with corn cooked in a pot as well as chemical-free seasoned wild vegetables and bean paste stew. They grill mackerel in the furnace and fry potato pancakes on a caldron lid. PyeongChang Maha-ri Village, a unique place well hidden at the top of a mountain overlooking Donggang River! Rural lodging enables visitors to appreciate the beautiful nature as it is by offering a comfortable resting place where guests can feel warm-heartedness of villagers.


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