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Baengyong Cave Eco Experience Center

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#63, Munhi-gil (Maha-ri), Mitan-myeon
Gangwon Province.

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Baengyong Cave aimed to explore an unknown world dating back to hundreds of millions of years is a natural limestone cave that was designated as Natural Monument No. 206 in 1979. Since then, it has been preserved without being disclosed to the public. It is an eco experience program enabling visitors to enjoy exploring the natural cave formed underground with the help of a guide in charge of giving explanations and keeping the visitors safe.

On entering the cave by crossing the Dong-gang River on a Baengyong Cave Boat one can appreciate diversified cave creations such as icicle-shaped stalactites, stalagmites in different shapes and forms such as traditional hat shapes and eggs in sunny side up forms. And stone pillars formed through combination between stalactites and stalagmites.

While following a guide who gives interesting explanations on the cave through a narrow cave, visitors have already reached the Grand Plaza.

'The Experience of Darkness' that visitors have in the cave where a netherworld that keeps secrets for hundreds of millions of years unfolds is the best part of Baengyong Cave Experience.


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Cave Exploration Route : A one-way trip 750 meters (a round-trip 1.5 km) The time required by the Management Office: Entrance to the Cave (about 40 minutes) / Exploring inside of the Cave (about 1 hour and 30 minutes)


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