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If one moves toward Jeongseon by 3km and turns right at Baegun Three-Way Intersection before going 4 km in the direction of Gangro Maha Eco Tourist Attraction in PyeongChang-gun, there is the Changricheon Stream on the right side of the road where water was gushing out from the stream. If one moves 100 meters further from here, you can come across the Gilhwa-ri Elephant Rock located in Gihwa-ri, Mitan-myeon, PyeongChang-gun across Changricheon Stream. The Gihwa-ri Rock is consist of dark gray or pinkish gray limestones and dolomite limestones. Since the rock looks like an elephant, it is called ‘elephant’ by local residents. Gihwa-ri Elephant Rock consists of limestones accumulated about 450 million years ago (Ordovices in the Lower Paleozoic Era). Limestones are formed through accumulation of shells of living organisms generating CaCO3 in the shallow ocean in the tropical and subtropical regions and classified as sedimentary rocks. In the upper area, the Gomaru Karst landscape is developed , and when it rains a lot, the water that penetrates into the surface of the upper karst leaks out and form a waterfall.

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