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#Gomaru-gil 2 (Hantan-ri), Mitan-myeon
Gangwon Province

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If one takes National Highway No. 42 and moves 2.8㎞ from Mitan-myeon toward Jeongseon before taking right at Baegun Three-Way Intersection and going straight by 1.4㎞ in the direction of Gihwa-ri, he or she can find Hantan 3-gyo. Here, make sure to turn right and move 2.8㎞ more before turning left at a small intersection and moving 2.3㎞ toward Imdo until until you reach the Gomaru Karst.
Gomaru Karst is distributed around Gomaru-gil. Gomaru area has tens of dolines and uvalas and large sink holes on dark gray limestone strata in Yeongheung Formation in Joseon Supergroup of Yeongwol Type as a Korea’s representative Karst area covering about 2㎢ close to natural caves. Karst refers to a solution landform developed in a limestone area and a special topography created through dissolution and erosion of rocks, mineral and earth by rainwater or underground water. Limestones (Yeongheung Formation of Ordovices in the Low Paleozoic Period) are distributed here, and it is developed in a flat area at the top of a mountain in the south of Jaechisan Mountain (750.9m). Gomaru in Namsa-myeon in Jaechisan Mountain is a mountainous area 530 to 750 meters above sea level and has a very unique geographical feature created when limestones are melted by rainwater or underground water. Puddle-shaped dolines are created when limestones are melted, uvalas made when two or more dolines are combined and limestone caves appear.


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Go toward Mitan (National Highway No. 42) → Turn right at Baegun Three-Way Intersection and move toward Baengyong Cave → Turn right to move toward Jaechi-gil before Hantan 4-gyo and go 2.8km → Turn left at a small intersection → Move toward Gomaru-gil by 2.3km → Gomaru Karst

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