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Water penetrated into the top of the upper karst around the Elephant Rock is transferred to soar upwards in various places in Changricheon Stream, and it is called gushout water. The gushout water is found everywhere in Gihwa-ri where karst topography is developed. Then, why is the gushout water generated? River water penetrated into the karst ground is illuviated into underground waterway through numerous sink holes, and a point of gushout water in this underground waterway is called karst springwater. It is mostly a combination of water to be re-gushed and water to be gathered on the ground, and river system is not generally developed in the karst area, and dolines, uvales, poljes and ponors are advanced to absorb rainwater. Water penetrated underground is collected in a limestone cave to create a mineral spring gushing out at the foot of a mountain. Springwater refers to perpetual gush-out of the mineral spring. Springwaters are mostly distributed in low-lying areas. Karst Water has the record of constantly yielding water in the well, and water temperature hardly changes and has inherent water temperature. It is also characterized by great transparency.


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