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Donneomi Karst

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#219-15, Donneomi-gil(Yulchi-ri), Mitan-myeon
Gangwon Province.

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Donneomi area is Korea's representative karst area where tens of dolines, uvalas and large sink holes are distributed on dark gray limestone strata and natural caves are developed nearby. Karst topography created when limestones are melted by rainwater or surface water can be found in the area. Donneomi Village located in Yulchi-ri, Mitan-myeon, PyeongChang-gun was a natural town composed of 20 houses built around Donneomisan Mountain (768.9m) in the past, but most of them have left the town, and only four houses remain at the moment. The village located at an altitude of 525 to 700m has such deep-set geographical features as dolines and uvalas (a combination of dolines) on a wide and flat area, and it is typical of karst topography. Donneomi Village is composed of limestones accumulated about 460 million years ago. Limestones are rocks created through accumulation of shells of living organisms generating CaCO3 in the shallow ocean around the tropical and subtropical regions.


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Start at PyeongChang-eup and move in the direction of Mitan and Jeongseon (National Highway No. 42) → Turn right at Chang-ri Three-Way Intersection just before Mitan before moving 1 km in the direction of Yeongwol → Move toward Donneomi-gil by 2km → Donneomi Karst

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