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“Pyeongchang catching the eye of travelers, Pyeongchang as seen from the station” Pyeongchang Station has changed the lifestyle and culture!”

Pyeongchang had been a transportation wasteland for thousands of years in the history of Korea. Then a train station was built in Pyeongchang, and the KTX train began to run on December 22, 2017. Pyeongchang stood tall as a global brand with the hosting of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and at the center was Pyeongchang Station located mid-slope of Mt. Geumdangsan in Yongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do Province.

The train leaving for Pyeongchang amid the morning sun looks like a scene of rail travel during the 1970s and 1980s. Five or six housewives eat boiled eggs or fruits as if they were high school girls. Upon arriving at Pyeongchang, the tourists twirl and keep saying, “Yes, this is it! The air of Pyeongchang is so clean.“ They even say that the air is very delicious.

Then, looking at the guide map, the tourists cheerfully worry about how to enjoy their time in Pyeongchang as there are so many things to see and do in Pyeongchang: the five-day interval village market in Bongpyeong featured in the novel of Lee Hyo-seok titled “When the buckwheat flower blooms”; the Rock Park; the Crape-Myrtle Festival; the peak of Mt. Cheongoksan; the Millennial Fir Forest Trail and Weoljeongsa Temple; the ski jump tower, which reminds one of the shouting during the Winter Olympics; and the magnificent view of Seonjaryeong Pass. Besides, the representative foods of Pyeongchang such as buckwheat noodles, dried pollack, trout, and seasoned wild vegetables captivate the tourists’ taste buds.

While Pyeongchang is famous for winter sports, many tourists come to visit the local five-day interval market in spring to buy clean spring herbs. The visitors are drawn to the charm of Pyeongchang where they can enjoy fresh greens in spring, cool highland winds in summer, maple leaves in fall, and sports activities in winter. Among them, isn’t the most attractive thing the fact that a day trip is enough to have sufficient healing with the reduction of moving time, thanks to the operation of KTX train? People are satisfied with the clean nature that they could enjoy without a burden by getting away from the busy daily life momentarily.

For their part, the local residents feel that their lives have become much more convenient even though it was strange at first to take a train. The quality of life of the elderly living in the area has improved since they can enjoy rail travel and visit their children more frequently. As a result, the physical distance between the elderly and their children have been practically reduced, and they can rest easier.

The opening of the KTX Gangneung Line provided tourists with an opportunity to escape from the city and enjoy clean nature and enabled the local residents to experience the cultural life of the capital area conveniently.

Get out of the building forest and fine dust of downtown and come to Pyeongchang, which is hiding the charm of the mountain village on the highlands like its slogan “Happy 700.” We invite you to take a train and get off at Pyeongchang Station to fall in love with the charm of Pyeongchang!

Written by Lee Eun-gyu, Pyeongchang Stationmaster of KORAIL Gangwon Headquarters

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