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Flavoured travel destination, Pyeongchang Herbnara

Although PyeongChang is packed with wonderful tourist attractions, there is one unique place where you can enjoy all four of Korea's distinct seasons. That place is PyeongChang Herbnara, and May is the best time to enjoy spring there as it is the season when all kinds of beautiful herbs are in full bloom.
Would you like to hear the story of Pyeongchang Herbnara, which began almost thirty years ago?

“Let’s go down to the country and farmland when our combined age becomes 100.“ The romantic promise of youth has been realized like a dream come true here. Believing that there would be no place like PyeongChang to keep their promise, the couple moved to Heungjeong Valley in PyeongChang and started a new life. That was the beginning of PyeongChang Herbnara.

Pyeongchang Herbnara has become the representative tourist attraction of Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do. It is a splendid environmentally-friendly healing garden, which the couple created by cultivating nature’s gifts with their own hands. They have transformed an empty plot of land into an aromatic field through their steady efforts over more than twenty-six years.

But you'd be disappointed if herbs were the only thing you could see at PyeongChang Herbnara, right? You could also try your hand at various herb-oriented handicrafts, sample some healthy foods, and even stay overnight in the pension. You will certainly be satisfied if you spend time in PyeongChang Herbnara together with your family, sweetheart, friend or significant other.

Furthermore, the Biennial Cultural Performance will raise the pulse rate of not only the residents of Pyeongchang-gun but also the fans of singer Moon-Sae Lee, the eternal "young brother". Previously held in 2015 and 2017, the event will be held again this year with various guest singers. Why not come to watch this year's performance by various attractive guest artists in the forest?

Pyeongchang Herbnara consists of diverse attractions including the Theme Park, the Medieval Garden, showing the appearance of the Middle Ages, Shakespeare's Garden, and the Glass Greenhouse, which exhibits various things to see in fourteen spots in Pyeongchang Herbnara. Don't you agree that Pyeongchang Herbnara is Pyeongchang's representative tourist attraction?

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