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Pyeongchang Culture & Tourism - PyeongChang City Tour Bus PyeongChang Tourist Information

PyeongChang City Tour Bus

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1715 Pyeongchang-daero, Yongpyeong-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do

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PyeongChang City Tour Bus A one-day tour of PyeongChang – so easy and convenient!

Hello, everyone! I'm Nundongi, and I live in PyeongChang, Gangwon Province. I am going to introduce to you the various tourist attractions in PyeongChang. It will be fun to travel in PyeongChang, although it was not easy for me to decide which places I should introduce first. Then I thought of the "PyeongChang City Tour Bus." How about starting your first tour of PyeongChang in a bus that shows the representative tourist attractions of PyeongChang most easily and conveniently?

I arrived at PyeongChang Station at 09:30, still rubbing my sleepy eyes. You can take the PyeongChang City Tour Bus at PyeongChang Station and Jinbu Station. When I got on the bus, the driver checked my name in the reservation list and handed out my card necklace and a hot pack. It’s good service! The bus left PyeongChang Station at 10:10 and picked up the rest of the passengers at Jinbu Station to start the day’s trip.

The first stop is Woljeongsa Temple, a time-honored temple representing PyeongChang. Both the temple itself and the fir woodland path stretching in front of the temple are very famous. I was able to learn more deeply about Woljeongsa Temple and fir woodland path with the explanation provided by a Culture and Tour Guide of PyeongChang who joined us in the PyeongChang City Tour Bus. I had just strolled on the road before, but I learned how fir trees propagated themselves at the region, what the gates we went through mean in the Buddhist world, and how great a national treasure the Octagonal Nine-story Stone Pagoda in Woljeonsa Temple is.

Walking along the fir woodland path around Woljeongsa Temple, I felt hungry. We had lunch at "Mt. Odaesan Food Town" near Woljeongsa Temple. There is a wide variety of dishes to choose from at more than 20 restaurants in the town. I had Hwangtae Haejangguk (Dried Pollack Hangover Soup). Please don’t misunderstand -- I didn’t have a hangover.

The next stop is the Sky Ranch. You can take a tractor carriage to near the Seonjaryeong Pass to see the landscape of PyeongChang's beautiful nature. You can see sheep, cows, and horses in the ranch. Since it was winter, only sheep with their warm fur were outside. I fed the sheep with hay. I was sorry not to be able to ride a sled on the sledding slope located just next to the ranch. I'm good at sledding, you know.

The final stop is the Alpensia Ski Jump Tower, which is the main symbol of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. The top of the Ski Jump Tower was opened after the Olympics. The tour of the Ski Jump Tower began with looking around the Daegwallyeong Ski History Museum. The staffer of the museum explained about the history of ski in Korea interestingly.

We used the monorail from the stadium to the entrance of the Ski Jump Tower. I felt a little nervous while riding the monorail to the Ski Jump Tower. The monorail trembled from time to time, and there were steep slopes. Though I heard that the monorail was safe, I felt nervous anyway.

Finally, we arrived at the Ski Jump Tower safely. The elevator in the tower looked much taller than ordinary elevators. I asked why and heard that it was because of the ski players who have to ride the elevator holding skis. I was impressed by such careful consideration during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics. From the observatory, I could see the Alpensia Ski Slope and Mt. Balwangsan, the location of Yongpyeong Resort, in the distance. From the cafe on the opposite side, I could savor a magnificent view of the endless Seonjaryeong Pass where we came from.

It’s now time to end our trip. The PyeongChang City Tour Bus picked up all the passengers and headed for Jinbu Station and PyeongChang Station. Everyone said goodbye to the Culture and Tour Guide and the bus driver with a promise to see each other again. Given the chance, I would like to take a trip again riding the PyeongChang City Tour Bus. It was a really meaningful and joyful one-day trip.

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