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Lee Hyo-seok Culture Village

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#14, Aegangnamu-gil (Changdong-ri), Bongpyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province


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"The mountainside is filled with buckwheat fields, thus it looks like grains of salt were sprinkled under the moonlight. The scent of the red plant stems makes the moon breathless as donkeys walk briskly. “
Now, snow flowers have bloomed in Bongpyeong where buckwheat flowers came out splendidly.

Chungju House, an inn where Esquire Heo and travelling marketeers relieved the boredom of the journey, looks friendly in Gasan Park next to Bongpyeong Market Site, and there is Seopdari Bridge in a brook that Dongi crossed carrying Esquire Heo on his back.
Passing by the watemill where Esquirre Heo and Lady Seong had an affair, and walking along the landscape filled with snow flowers, you will reach Lee Hyo-seok's Birthplace.
Looking around and learning about Lee Hyo-seok's literary works and life and the Literary House where the author's relics are well organized you will then realize that the snow white buckwheat flowers have already bloom into your heart beforehand.
Bongpyeong, the setting of the novel "Memilkkotpilmuryeop," has become synonymous with buckwheat and the background of it. Here you can enjoy a variety of buckwheat foods. Since buckwheat foods taste best when they are harvested in a high ground where it is cold, quality buckwheat raised in a clean plateau 700 meters above sea level in Gangwon Province is known to be the best.
Buckwheat is richer in amino acid than rice or flour and contains a lot of vitamins, calcium and phosphoric acid, so it is easy to digest and it is good for constipation.
As the buckwheat contains Corin, an enzyme that dissolves fatty liver, it helps the liver weakened from drinking alcohol to recover. The Rutin contained in buckwheat enhances capillary vessels to effectively treat high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis.
Visitors can taste various foods including buckwheat noodles, buckwheat wild green bibimbap, buckwheat fries and buckwheat pancakes in Bongpyeong, the setting of the novel ‘Memilkkotpilmuryeop.’


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