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Pyeongchang Culture & Tourism - Gyebangsan Mountain PyeongChang Tourist Information

Gyebangsan Mountain

Gyebangsan Mountain Share


#1243, Unduryeong-ro(Nodong-ri), Yongpyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province.

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Gyebangsan Mountain which is about 1,577 meters above the sea level constitutes a range of the Taebaek Mountains and towers high facing Odaesan Mountain in the east, and it ranks 5th in height following Halla, Jiri, Seorak and Deogyu. Unduryeong Ridge (1,089 meters above sea level) through which automobiles pass is located in the west of Gyebangsan Mountain, Eulsugol, a deep valley where an unknown number of black bears inhabit, is located in the north, and and mineral springs including the Bangadari Spring and the New Spring which are located in the south. Various medicinal herbs and wild flowers grow in Gyebangsan Mountain. In particular, it is famous for wild ginseng, there are a lot of Ginseng diggers who come and gather in this place. In addition, such rare trees as yew trees and royal azaleas grow in colonies in the mountain, and the physical aspects of the mountain are similar to those of Daecheongbong Peak of Seoraksan Mountain. The surrounding environment is so well-protected that it was designated as ecology protection area.
Gyebangsan Mountain is the Korea’s 5th largest mountain where one can take a glance at Seoraksan Mountain, Odaesan Mountain, Gariwangsan Mountain, Geumdangsan Mountain, Dutasan Mountain and Taegisan Mountain. In addition, an impressive view of the mountain covered with snow that can be enjoyed only in the winter continues until early March, it gains popularity among mountaineers. Since the difference in altitude between Unduryeong (1,089m/the average height of mountains) and the summit is only 488m, Mountaineers can easily balance themselves and have the advantage of being able to climb without difficulties. Reaching up the summit of this mountain you can see the Baedudaegan ridge at a glance. It is considered one of the best observatories nearby. Seoraksan Mountain and Jeombongsan Mountain in the north, Noinbong Peak in Odaesan Mountain and and Daegwallryeong in the east and Hoegisan Mountain and Taegisan Mountain in the west create panoramic views.

* Course A :
Unduryeong – Anbu (1,126m) – Heliport(1,492m) – Summit – Namreung – 1,210-Meter High Ground – Araet Three-Way Intersection (8.9km, 4~5 hours) * Course B : Unduryeong – Anbu (1,126m) – Heliport(1,492m) – Summit – Small Spring – Camp Site No. 2 (Birthplace Site) (9.5km, 5 hours)


Added Informations

▶The total distance: Course A -8.9km / Course B -9.5km
▶ The time required : Course A -about 4 hours and 30 minutes / Course B -about 5hours
▶ The level of difficulty : ★★★ (Average)

▶Course A (8.9km, about 4 hours and 30 minutes) :
Unduryeong – (0.7)Peak 1,166 – (2.6) Peak 1,492 – (0.8)Summit – (2.5) Peak 1,210 – (2.3) Araet Three-Way Intersection
▶Course B (9.5km, about 5hours) :
Unduryeong – (0.7)1,166 Peaks – (2.6) 1,492 Peaks – (0.8)Summit - (1.9) Small Spring - (2.8) Kungkungso - (0.7) Nodong Valley Camping Site

Transport Information

Public transportation

Jinbu – Get on an intercity bus bound for Naemyeon and get off at Unduryeong Bus operates 8 times 40 mins. required time Pass through
Jangpyeong – Nodong-ri and get off at Unduryeong / 35 minutes
Jinbu, Jangpyeong – Nodong-ri (Arat Three-Way Intersection) Intracity bus/30 minutes –
Use an intracity bus bound for Bangadari Yaksu/Operated 5 times/ 30 minutes

Passenger car

Youngdong Expressway → Soksa IC → Turn left → National Highway No. 31 bound for Unduryeong → 5.1km → Lee Seung Bok Memorial Hall → 6km → Unduryeong Summit

Youngdong Expressway → Jinbu IC → Turn left → National Highway No. 6 bound for Odaesan Mountain → 1.8km → Bangadari Spring Approach → Turn left → 8.9km → Duil-ri → Cheokcheon-ri Home-Stay Village → Bangadari → 1.2km → Entry of Bangadari Spring


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