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(Jangjeon-ri) Jangjeon-gil 2, Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province.

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Gariwangsan Mountain that spreads its wing over PyeongChang and Jeongseon boasts of a high mountain peak located at an altitude of 1,561 meters. High and big Gariwangsan Mountain has various deep valleys. Of them, Jangjeon Valley flowing into the foot of the north and Hoedong Valley winding its way through the south are best known. If one goes down from Jinbu to Jeongseon before veering toward Makdong-ri, he or she can reach Makdong Valley, and if one veers towrd Jangjeon-ri, he or she can find Jangjeon Valley right away.
Jangjeon Valley located in Jangjeon-ri in Jinbu-myeon is a border valley of Odaecheon Stream and boasts of exquisite shapes created by clear water and oddly formed rocks. Since it is relatively lesser-known compared to beautiful sceneries created by small streams, summer vacationers desiring to enjoy a quiet rest especially love it. Border valleys of Odaecheon Stream boasting of magnificent scenery in the vicinity are generally called Sugam Valley. Most of the Sugam Valley is so beautiful and quiet that it is classified as a mysterious scenery. It appears due to the fact that it is located right above Odaesan Mountain. Valleys unfolding along Odaecheon Stream look so amazing that visitors to a festival held in the middle of summer will be able to make fond memories by appreciating oddly shaped rocks and clean water in the valley.


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Turn right at Jinbu IC or go straight before turning right at Gangbyeon-gil → Go in the direction of downtown Jinbu → Cheongsimdae → Odaecheon Stream (Suhang Valley) → Makdong Valley → Jangjeon Valley

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