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Suhang Valley

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#2-21, Suhang-gil(Suhang–ri), Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province.

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Suhang Valley was created as Odaecheon Stream originated from Utongsu of Odaesan Mountain flows by about 30km in the direction of Jeongseon. It has no contaminants and boasts of beautiful bedrocks while creating a panoramic view of oddly formed rocks and dense forests. Suhang Valley that combines Makdong Valley famous for a three-tier fall with Jangjeon Valley and Singi Valley originated from Gariwangsan Mountain boasts of clear water. It is not only cited as a popular summer resort but it also presents a grand sight around the water surrounded by royal azaleas in spring. Autumn leaves also provide an impressive assortment. It is so rugged that it is often called ‘a meandering valley.’ Straight roads are frequently tilted at a right angle or take a U-turn, so drivers need to go slowly. The drive course around Odaecheon Stream looks fantastic, and visitors can enjoy rafting in the valley.


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