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#241-20, Noeungyegok-ro(Noeun-ri), PyeongChang-eup
Gangwon Province.

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Noeun Valley located in Noeun-ri, PyeongChang-eup is a wide valley where the course of PyeongChanggang River meanders in an S shape and has plenty of cool water. In addition, sand fields and pebbles are spread here and there, so visitors can have fun in the water while camping. Plunging cliffs combined with the river create scenic beauty. Abysmal ravines and clear water provide an excellent holiday resort to families with children. The wide river enables visitors to enjoy fishing, and people can have fun while picking up marsh snails in the water. Visitors can enjoy camping in the riverside. If one enters the winding valley along the unpaved roads, he or she would frequently come across cows and rocks where the river meets the valley. One can see river bottoms through clean water as well as native freshwater fishes such as mandarine fishes and catfishes. Such amenities as B&Bs and restaurants were recently established around Noeun Valley to provide convenient accommodations, but visitors still have difficulties due to a lack of traffic facilities.


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