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#766-2, Geumdanggyegok-ro(Gaesu-ri) , Daehwa-myeon
Gangwon Province.

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Geumdang Valley is a part of high mountains and deep valleys located at the western foot of Geumdangsan Mountain 1,173 meters above the sea level. The valley winding its way between Bongpyeong-myeon in PyeongChang-gun and Daehwa-myeon in Yongpyeong-myeon is located in the upper region of PyeongChanggang River.
Geumdang Valley tends to be quite wide, and gently flowing water stream creates a strong current where layers of different shapes of rocks. It reaches the height of spring from the beginning of March, and by the end of April the mountains and streams are covered with royal azaleas.
To reach Geumdang Valley, you can either go down along the water stream of PyeongChanggang River from Jangpyeong or from below going up from Anmi Elementary School. If you go down from Daehwa-myeon County Office going in the direction of PyeongChang-eup you will reach the "Sachogeori" intersection, an intersection which is divided into Sanganmi and Haanmi. It is not difficult to find the way since there is a signboard at the entrance of the Geumdang Valley. By turning right in the direction of Anmi Elementary School you will find paved roads which extend until to the Gaesuyo Bridge. Unpaved roads start 13.5km away from a national highway. If one goes a little further up, a peculiarly shaped rock called “Bonghwang (Phoenix)-dae” towers over across the river. Rumor has it, that a long time ago, a man had started to dig into the ground to make a good resting place, then a phoenix suddenly soared. It was named so after that story. Going up to the upper region of the river, you would be able to find an 8.4 km-long unpaved road. On the opposite side of the valley, oddly shaped rocks and cliffs spread along the waterway that look like a folding screen and clear water flows. It is the prime habitat of otters, Natural Monument No. 330, and where catfish are frequently caught.


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Tourist route * Geumdang Valley – Lee Hyo-seok Culture Village – Heungjeong Village – The Lee Seung Bok Memorial Center * Geumdang Valley – Noeun Valley – Noseongsan Mountain – Gihwa Valley


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