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#435-3, Gyeonggang-ro (Muee-ri), Bongpyeong-myeon
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Taegisan Mountain is the highest peak in Hoengseong-gun and 1,261 meters high. There are Taegisanseong Fortress (about 1 km) that King Taegi, the last king of Jinhan in the Three Han States, used to protest against Silla, in addition to Taegisanseong Fortress Headstone at the top of the mountain. In the surrounding area, there are a Buddhist temple called Bongboksa Temple that was established by Great Master Jajang in the 16th year of Queen Seondeok in the Silla Dynasty and a mineral spring called Simsanyugok. Visitors can reach the top of the mountain by following along an unpaved road from the top of Dumijae Hill in Yanggu and climbing a ridge way dense with scrubs along the valley of Bongboksa Temple. A total of 11.7㎞ (4 hours and 20 minutes) in distance Entry of Songdeoksa Temple (Small Seonggol) - Wooden Stairway – Taegisanseong Fortress Headstone – East Gate Exterior – Taegi Branch School Site – Hasangil – Valley Fork – Naksudae – Sanyang Rock – Songdeoksa Temple ※ 3.2km from Samgeori to Dumijae in Yanggu (50 minutes) Taegisan Mountain is called ‘Deokgosan Mountain’, and legend has it that King Taegi, the last king of Jinhan at the end of the Three Han States, was chased by the Shilla armed forces before building Taegisanseong Fortress and the military to fight against the Silla armed forces. For this reason, dwelling sites and well sites are scattered around forests in addition to crumbled ramparts in Seonggol Valley at the foot of Taegisan Mountain, and such place names as Oksandae and Baekokpo were designated at that time. Although the name sounds magnificent and great, Taegi Mountain (meaning great spirit in Korean)san located on the side of PyeongChang provides a good hiking course for mountaineering families as it features primeval forests dense with broadleaf trees and wild flowers.


Added Informations

▶The total distance : 5.7km
▶The time required : About 3 hours
▶The level of difficulty : ★★★ (Average)
▶Course (5.7km, About 3 hours) : Gudumijae Hill - (1.3) Fork - (0.6) Summit - (2.8) Ungjanggol - (1)Anheung-dong & Baegung-dong


Transport Information

Public transportation

Passenger car

Hoengseong Interchange – Gapcheon (Local Road No. 19) - Sindae Bus Terminal (National Highway No. 4) - Entry of Songdeoksa Temple
* Hoengseong IC – National Highway No. 19/ 30km – Take a one way road (6km) and turn right at Youngdong Expressway Myeonon IC – Pass by Phoenix Park before turning left at a three-way intersection (In the direction of Hoengseong and Dunnae) - Gudumijae Hill – Taegisan Mountain

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