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#1076-15, Odaesan-ro(Dongsan-ri, Sinseongam), Jinbu-myeon
Gangwon Province.

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It lies from PyeongChang-gun, Gangreung-si and Hongcheon-gun in Gangwon Province and is located at an intersection together with Charyeong Mountain Mountain Range extending from the center of Taebaek Mountain Range to the west. Odaesan Mountain featuring Birobong Peak 1,563 meters above sea level covers a total of 298.5㎢ and was designated as a national park on February 1, 1975. It consists of such mountain peaks as Horyeongbong Peak, Sangwangbong Peak, Dongdaesan Mountain and Durobong Peak in an addition to such mountain peaks is the Birobong Peak which is the main peak.

Odaesan National Park has various small Buddhist temples that includes Woljeongsa Temple and Sangwonsa Temple. One can climb the Birobong Peak by passing through the Shrine of Sakyamuni, Buddha's Sarira. Along the trail from Sangwonsa Temple there are a lot of rare animals, plants, medicinal herbs, wild herbs and vegetables. It is called Odaesan Mountain because there are five dae ( O-dae: Nam-dae, Buk-dae, Dong-dae, Seo-dae and Jung-dae), and it also means Horyeongbong Peak, Sangwangbong Peak, Durobong Peak and Noinbong Peak in addition to Birobong Peak, the main peak.


Added Informations

▶ The total distance : Course a-9.4km / Course b-6.2km
▶ The time required : Course a – About 5 hours / Course b – About 3 hours
▶ Difficulty : ★★★ (Average)

▶Course a (9.4km, About 5 hours) : Gwandaegeori & Sangwonsa Temple - (1.5) Shrine for Sakyamuni Buddha’s Sarira in Woljeongsa Temple - (1.6) Birobong Peak - (2.3) Sangwangbong Peak - (1) Bukdaesa Temple - (3)Gwandaegeori
▶Course b (6.2km, About 3 hours) : Gwandaegeori & Sangwonsa Temple - (1.5) Shrine for Sakyamuni Buddha’s Sarira in Woljeongsa Temple - (1.6) Birobong Peak - (1.6) Shrine for Sakyamuni Buddha’s Sarira in Woljeongsa Temple - (1.5) Gwandaegeori & Sangwonsa Temple


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