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Jangamsan Mountain

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1997, Seodong-ri, (Jujin-ri), PyeongChang-eup
Gangwon Province

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Jangamsan Mountain is filled with pine scent and surrounded by PyeongChang River to create beautiful scenery. A panoramic view of PyeongChang-eup, Nosan Mountain, Sambangsan Mountain and Baekdeoksan Mountain unfold before the eyes of visitors under the mountain, and if one climbs the gentle mountainside 300 meters away from Sang-ri, it leads to the summit of the gentle slope, so anyone can climb the mountain without difficulty. In particular, the Korea’s largest trout farm, the PyeongChang particular, is located nearby.

Course A (5.8km, about 3hours) : Sangrigyo Bridge – Fork – Paragliding Site – Summit – Fork – Jangam Cave – Jujin-ri
Course B (4.8km, about 2 hours and 30 minutes) : Sangrigyo Bridge – Paragliding Site – Summit – Paragliding Site – Fork – Yeoman-ri


Added Informations

Location : Sang-ri, Noron-ri and Jujin-ri, PyeongChang-eup, PyeongChang-gun
▶ The total distance : Course a-5.8km / Course b-4.8km
▶ The level of difficulty : ★★★ (Average)
▶ The time required : Course a-about 3hours / Course b-about 2 hours and 30 minutes
▶Course A (5.8km, about 3hours) : Sangrigyo Bridge - (1.7)Fork - (0.4) Paragliding Site - (0.6)Summit - (1.1)Fork - (0.8)Jangam Cave - (1.2)Jujin-ri
▶Course B (4.8km, about 2 hours and 30 minutes) : Sangrigyo Bridge - (2.1)Paragliding Site - (0.6)Summit - (0.6)Paragliding Site - (0.4)Fork - (1.1) Yeoman-ri


Transport Information

Public transportation

Passenger car

Turn left at Youngdong Expressway PyeongChang IC (In the direction of PyeongChang and Daehwa ) - Daehwa – Bangrim Three-Way Intersection – Turn left at PyeongChang-eup (In the direction of Mitan and Jeongseon) – Sang-ri – Jangamsan Mountain (Sang-ri, Noron-ri and Jujin-ri, PyeongChang-eup, PyeongChang-gun)

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