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Janggunbawisan Mountain (or General Rock Mountain)

Janggunbawisan Mountain (or General Rock Mountain) Share


#16-13, Bian-gil, Daegwallyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province (Byeongnae-ri)

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Janggunbawisan Mountain, General Rock Mountainor is a beautiful mountain filled with Taoist-shaped rocks, elephant-shaped rocks and tiger-shaped rocks that serve as guards at every point of mountain trails. It is a rare area surrounding Baegilpyeong Valley boasting of clean nature and clear water, and visitors can have the greatest pleasure of mountain-climbing. Course (7km, about 3 hours and 20 minutes): Sutdolgol – Horangbawi – Janggunbawi – Observatory – Summit – Baegilpyeong Valley – High Bridge (High School)


Added Informations

Location : Yucheon-ri and Byeongnae-ri, Daegwallryeong-myeon, PyeongChang-gun
▶The total distance : 7.0km
▶The time required : 3 hours and 20 minutes
▶The level of difficulty : ★★★ (Average)

▶Course : (7.0km, about 3 hours and 20 minutes) : Sutdolgol – Horangbawi – Janggunbawi – Observatory – Summit – Baekilpyeong Valley – High Bridge (High School)


Transport Information

Public transportation

Passenger car

Turn left at Youngdong Expressway Daegwanryung I.C (In the direction of Odaesan Mountain National Park and Jinbu) – Ssarijae Hill – Yucheon-ri (Sutdolgol) – Janggunbawisan Mountain (Yucheon-ri & Byeongnae-ri, Daegwallryeong-myeon, PyeongChang-gun)

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