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Unduryeong Hill

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#42-12, Jiyeopgol-gil(Nodong-ri), Yongpyeong-myeon
Gangwon Province 42-12




The entry to Gyebangsan Mountain-climbing starts at Unduryeong Hill.
Since elevation difference until the top is as low as 488m, even the beginners can easily climb the high mountain.

If one moves toward Hongcheon from Soksa Three-Way Intersection to National Highway No. 31, he or she can find The Lee Seung Bok Memorial Hall, and the road is steeply inclined from a three-way intersection at the entry of Nodong Valley, and winding Unduryeong Hill starts there.

It is a bit difficult for inexperienced drivers to rotate a full 360 degrees and travel in the winter. The scenery that momentarily appears or disappears under the hill confuses drivers, and struggling mountain climbers finally reach the top of Unduryeong Hill 1,089m above the sea level. PyeongChang-gun neatly organized a resting place at the top of Unduryeong Hill.

At the top of Unduryeong Hill located at the foot of Gyebangsan Mountain that ranked 5th in height in South Korea following Hallasan Mountain (1,950m), Jirisan Mountain (1,915m), Seoraksan Mountain (1,708m) and Deogyusan Mountain (1,614m), one can have a bird’s-eye view of Nae-myeon in Hongcheon-gun in the north and Hoeryeong-bong Peak in the west.

※ Gyebangsan Mountain Automated Telephone System : 02 – 134 ※ Tourist Attraction Code Number Information : 1831 ~ 2


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