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Baegunsan Mountain

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63-10, Muni-gil, (Maha-ri), Mitan-myeon
Gangwon Province

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Baegunsan Mountain located in an area bordering with Sindong-eup in Jeongseon-gun and Mitan-myeon in PyeongChang-gun in Gangwon Province is 883 meters high.
Since it is surrounded by white clouds all the time, it is said to have been called Baegun(white clouds)-san, and local residents call it
Baebirangsan Mountain or Baegurangsan Mountain. Great and small 6 peaks are linked along Donggang River created through combination between Joyanggang River flowing from Jeongseon and Dongnamcheon Stream, and steep cliffs are formed in the direction of Donggang River. Since Donggang River flows through the foot of the mountain, it boasts of a beautiful landscape and view, and mountaineers are supposed to cross Donggang River at the beginning and the end of hiking. Forests mostly consist of colonies of oak trees, and the area around Donggang River in Jeongseon-gun,
PyeongChang-gun and Yongweol-gun was designated as Ecology Preservation Area in July 2002. Baengyong Cave, Natural Monument No. 260, is located nearby.

Course A (6.1km, about 4 hours and 30 minutes : Muni Village – Fork – Neungseon Fork – Three-Way Intersection – Summit – Salgaemokjae – Chiljongyeong Ridge – Castle Site (Stone Tower) - Muni Village
Course B (3.4km, about 1hour and 30 minutes) : Muni Village – Castle Site (Stone Tower) - Chiljongyeong – Castle Site (Stone Tower) - Muni Village


Added Informations

▶ The total distance : 6.1km
▶ The time required : about 5 hours and 30 minutes
▶ The level of difficulty : ★★★★ (Difficult)

▶Course (6.1km, about 5 hours and 30 minutes) : Muni Village (Baengyong Cave Eco Experience Center) - (0.8)Fork - (0.7)Neungseon Fork - (0.2)Three-Way Intersection - (0.2)Summit - (1.5)Salgaemokjae - (1) Chiljongyeong Observatory - (0.8)Castle Site (Stone Tower) - (0.9)Muni Village (Baengyong Cave Eco Experience Center)

Transport Information

Public transportation

Passenger car

Turn left at Youngdong Expressway PyeongChang IC (In the direction of PyeongChang-eup) – Daehwa – Bangrim Three-Way Intersection – PyeongChang-eup – In the direction of Mitan – Turn right at the road sign for Donggang River – Donggang River (Jintan Ferry) - Muni Village – Baegunsan Mountain (Mitan-myeon, PyeongChang-gun / Sindong-eup, Jeongseon-gun)

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