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#94-10, Binesogol-gil(Ungyo-ri), Bangrim-myeon
Gangwon Province

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Baekdeoksan Mountain is full of oddly formed rocks and dense pine forests and preserves primeval forests as it is. Trails feature both uphill roads making mountaineers out of breath and downhill roads, which makes them interesting, and each and every section is easy to explore. In particular, it is frequented by many tourists desiring to appreciate snowy landscape in the winter. Baekdeoksan Mountain (1,350.1 meters) in PyeongChang embraces Beopeungsa Temple in Yeongwol in the southeast. Since it has four kinds of worldly goods (Sajaesan in Korean), it is called Sajaesan. The four kinds of worldly goods include Dongchil, Seosam, Namto and Bukto. There is a lacquer tree field in the east and wild ginseng in the west. It is said that there was Jeondanto, the earth that eats a lean year, in the south and the north but that no one knows where the worldly goods are. The mountain has a yew tree complex, and centuries-old yew trees whose skin has come off to show their red color and display their magnificence at the top of the mountain. Since the trails have a gentle slope, it is considered as the best mountaineering road for hiking families. If one stands at the summit of the mountain, he or she can appreciate Gariwangsan Mountain and Odaesan Mountain that look as if they were waving. One can take a glance at a fine range of Sobaek Mountain in the south and Chiaksan Mountain Range in the west.


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How to use :
▶ The total distance : Course A -11km / Course B -10km
▶ The time required : Course A -about 6 hours / Course B -about 5 hours and 30 minutes
▶ The level of difficulty : ★★★ (Average)

▶Course A (11km, about 6 hours) : Munjae Hill - (0.5)925-Meter High Ground - (0.9)Heliport - (1)Fork - (2.2)Dangjae Hill - (1.2)Summit - (0.5)1,280 Peaks - (0.5)Heliport - (2.2)Meokgol Fork - (2)Meokgol
▶Course B (10km, about 5 hours and 30 minutes) : Munjae Hill - (0.5)925-Meter High Ground - (0.9)Heliport - (1)Fork - (2.2)Dangjae Hill - (1.2)Summit - (0.5)1,280 Peaks - (0.5)Heliport - (3.2)Binesogol


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