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#1504-6, PyeongChangdae-ro (Sin-ri), Daehwa-myeon
Gangwon Province.

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Geumdangsan Mountain located in Daehwa-myeon in PyeongChang-gun in Gangwon Province towers over between Daehwacheon Stream and PyeongChanggang River. Geumdangsan Mountain and Geomunsan Mountain are located in Yongpyeong-myeon where it snows a lot and embrace Geumdang Valley, the upper reaches of PyeongChanggang River. As Geumdang Valley becomes famous for clean water, these mountains begin to show off their original shape by stretching themselves. The western part of the mountain features rugged precipice with rocks of fantastic shape as well as Geumdang Valley that winds its way, and Daehwacheon Stream is flowing in the east. As a large quantity of water forms a river to crate various ravines in Geumdang Valley, it is frequently visited by many summer vacationers. In addition, there are numerous pensions around Geumdang Valley. In the spring, azaleas cover the entire mountain in pink, dense forests reminiscent of primeval forests are formed in the summer, colorful autumn leaves draw attention in the autumn and snow flowers create a grand sight in the winter in Geumdangsan Mountain. Since valley water is very clean and cold, one can feel refreshed at a time of hiking even in the middle of summer. Geumdang Mountain has various mountaineering trails, but they are mostly composed of dense forests, so they are hardly seen in the summer except for the summit. There are road guide signs and milestones in main trail forks at each mountaineering starting point, but few people climb the mountain except for some mountaineering clubs and group mountaineers, so it is well preserved, and mountain trails are not that much developed except for main courses. Mountaineering courses include a descending course or a reverse course from Beopjangsa Temple to Geumdang-dong via Geomunsan Mountain or Geumdangsan Mountain and another course that starts and ends at PyeongChang Riverside in the west (Geumdang-dong ~ Crown Rock ~ Summit ~ Baegam-dong). They are mostly composed of inland mountains except for strange-looking cliffs and superb views in Baegam-dong Course. ○ Beopjangsa Temple Mark Stone in the 31st Road – Godaegol – Beopjangsa Temple – Geomunsan Mountain – Rock Area – Geumdangsan Mountain – Simpogol – Jaechigogae Hill ( about 12 km/ 5 hours ) ○ Gwangcheon-ri (Bridge at the entry of Beopjangsa Temple) – Beopjangsa Temple – Geomunsan Mountain – Geumdang Intersection – Geumdangsan Mountain – Crown Rock – Geumdang-dong – Deungmae (5 hours and 30 minutes) ○ Yupo-ri (Deungmae) – Geumdang-dong – Valley Road – Neungsananbu – Crown Rock – Geumdangsan Mountain Summit (2 hours)


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Youngdong Expressway – Jangpyeong – National Highway No. 31 – (Bound for Hoengseong and PyeongChang) Move along PyeongChang Riverside toward Sinri Elementary School in Yupo-ri – Enter Youngdong Expressway Myeonon IC – Local Road No. 424 at the entrance of Beopjangsa Temple. Since there is little public transportation bound for Deungmae Elementary School, mountaineers are recommended to bring their own cars.
Visitors are recommended to get out of Youngdong Expressway Jangpyeong Intersection to go under expressway toward Bongpyeong before veering toward a byway.
If they go by about 6km, they can arrive at Deungmae Elementary School.

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