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Geoseulgapsan Mountain

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Daesang-ri, Daeha-ri & Maji-ri, PyeongChang-eup
Gangwon Province

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Geoseulgapsan Mountain : It is one of seven famous mountains specified in Gangwon Province Section of Sejong Silok (Record of King Sejong) Vol. 153. It is described as one of two celebrated mountains in PyeongChang-gun along with Odaesan Mountain.

1. Seungjibong Peak Trail : 3 hours
2. Ongnyeobong Peak Trail : 3 hours

Ongnyeobong Peak : It is located in the border area between Maji and Dodon-ri and 589m in altitude. In the past, a man well-versed in the theory of divination based on topography made a trip around mountains and streams nationwide and happened to climb Ongnyeobong Peak that looked like a Taoist fairy (Ongnyeo) shaking her hair out loose. Since then, it has been called Ongnyeobong Peak. (Source: PyeongChangeupji)

Yeonbongjeong : It is located at the southernmost tip of Daeha-ri, and those wanting to travel from Maji to Yeongwol and Jecheon via Geoseulchi needed to pass through it, so it was known as a major transportation point from old times. (Refer to legends about Yeonbongjeong and Yeonhwasa Temple) (Source: PyeongChangeupji)

Odosan Mountain : It is located in front of Dodon-ri and a gravesite for PyeongChang Lee Clan residing in Dodon area. Since 1620 when Jin-heup Lee from PyeongChang Lee Clan led an ascetic life in the mountain to find enlightenment, it has been called Odosan Mountain. (Source: PyeongChangeupji)

Geoseulchi : Geosrachi. A shortcut route to the northeast of Maji-ri from Yeongbyeong. It is the foot of Geoseulgapsan Mountain.


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