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Pyeongchang Culture & Tourism - Holiday in Pyeongchang PyeongChang Tourist Information

Holiday in Pyeongchang

  • Wow, is this Pyeongchang or Switzerland? #Swiss Pension Village Guesthouse
    Located atop Pyeongchang mountains 700 meters above sea level, a cozy village of guesthouses looks as if an entire town in Switzerland has been transported.
    Especially on snowy days, the mood is real, as if being in the Swiss mountains! May it snow aplenty when you come over.
    Juicy lamb chop BBQ over a glass of the perfect red wine prepared by the guesthouse is a great way to finish your long day.

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  • A café with an art gallery: #Café 921
    Enjoy strolling around the spacious garden
    in front of the café and be inspired by artworks inside.
    Delightful desserts are a plus.
    A secret dive spot you want to keep it for yourself.

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  • This is where mountain gods love to play:
    #Pyeongchang Artist Village Pension
    From here, enjoy the panoramic view of Pyeongchang and
    chill on the hammock, while delicious barbecue is being cooked!
    In the winter, how wonderful is it to simply lose
    yourself watching flames in the fireplace!
    Get away from the noise of the city and go for a healing experience in nature!

    #mustvisitinpyeongchang #holidayinpyeongchang
    #pyeongchangeup #pensioninpyeongchang

  • Is it a café or a museum? #Café 7hundred
    Drawn to the attractive modern design, you enter the café.
    It welcomes you with the museum-like interior filled
    with the delicious aroma of coffee beans being roasted.
    A cup of salted cold-brew latte is enough to feel
    the mood of Pyeongchang.

    #mustvisitinpyeongchang #holidayinpyeongchang
    #daegwalnyeongmyeon #romanticdateinpyeongchang
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  • The environment-friendly wooden cabin
    #Cabin Morning Dew Pension(아침이슬펜션)
    Bongpyeong Pension was named the No. 1 B&B by Pyeongchang County
    The guest house overlooking Phoenix Ski Resort offers
    healing time to recharge guests who want to
    escape the hectic city life.

    #mustvisitinpyeongchang #holidayinpyeongchang
    #bongpyeongmyeon #romanticdateinpyeongchang

  • Traditional tea house and bakery café run by Woljeongsa
    Temple Café #Nandana, ‘the Garden of Heaven.’
    At the café, so serene and peaceful,
    Try a slice of delicious bread fresh off the oven.
    That’s a good enough reason to visit Woljeongsa Temple.

    #mustvisitinpyeongchang #holidayinpyeongchang
    #jinbumyeon #romanticdateinpyeongchang
    #cafeinpyeongchang #nandana

  • Camping for your emotional healing #Stay Camp At the guesthouse, wake up in blissful happiness, listening to the sound of birds chirping from the trail and feeling the morning sunshine.
    It’s a perfectly cozy haven for travelers in need of relaxation and romance.
    Enjoy the surprise of finding such perfect spot in Pyeonghcang.

    #mustvisitinpyeongchang #holidayinpyeongchang
    #pyeongchangeup #pensioninpyeongchang #romanticdateinpyeongchang #staycamp

  • Bangnim Salon is full of retro charms evocative of 1970s Sunday Seoul.
    The café owner shows off his personal collection of cups and plates from the old days.
    A cup of latte with sweet rice puffs will take you down memory lane

    #mustvisitinpyeongchang #holidayinpyeongchang
    #pyeongchangeup #pensioninpyeongchang #romanticdateinpyeongchang #pcrhealinghouse

  • With its cool outdoor swimming pool,
    PCRHealing House is a charming place to heal your mind and body.
    PCR Healing House was originally a private villa
    but was turned into a guest house since so many passers-by wanted to stay for the weekend.
    The front view as seen through floor-to-ceiling windows is amazing!
    Plan a family trip to Pyeongchang before the place becomes too famous!

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    #pyeongchangeup #pensioninpyeongchang #romanticdateinpyeongchang #pcrhealinghouse

  • Alpaca Cafe is an unusual healing spot located in Pyeongchang.
    It is a unique place where visitors can make lasting memories by
    feeding alpacas, painting, experiencing the Alpaca Zone and more.
    Feel the deep emotion of faraway Machu Picchu of Peru
    in Pyeongchang!

    #mustvisitinpyeongchang #holidayinpyeongchang
    #bongpyeongmyeon #cafeinpyeongchang #machupicchu

  • The wafting scent of buckwheat flowers fills #epine Tree Pension.
    Come summer, enjoy nature
    at Heungjeong Valley and Farm Herbnara;
    Come winter, get healthy at the ski resort and Trout Festival.
    The cozy guesthouse where you can recharge your mind and
    body awaits you. Don’t you wish to be there?

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  • Pooh’s Garden is small But comes with a warm, cozy atmosphere Complete with a beautiful garden ideal for charming garden parties.
    Try the specialties here: potato pork cutlet and
    buckwheat pork cutlet.
    You will definitely give a nod to the taste of Pyeongchang!

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  • Walk into #cafe15(카페15) and prepare to be greeted by
    Cute, tail-wagging puppies!
    There, a cup of Einspänner can make
    serious Ice Americano lovers
    drop the HyperChiller on the spot.
    The latest hot seller is Black Bean Latte.
    OMG, what to order? Why not have both!?

    #must visit in pyeongchang #holiday in pyeongchang
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  • If staying at #huegapension(휴가펜션) where you can fall asleep under
    a blanket of twinkling stars at night and wake up to the sound of
    rustling waters in the lush forest in the morning isn’t a vacation, what is?
    Just thinking about it makes me feel healed already :)

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    #pension in pyeongchang #play in pyeongchang
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  • Sentimental Café #Cafe Cozy Hill
    Enjoying craft burger in the middle of a forest?
    That philosophical feeling of nature and self-becoming one – and
    feeling cozy!
    Come visit with a loved one to win +10 Love Points!
    (Why am I suddenly teary-eyed?!?)

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    #Romantic Date in Pyeongchang
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  • Pension near Geumdang Valley #Pyeongchang Riverhill(평창리버힐)
    Wow, glamping in nature?! ><
    A tent in the middle of a forest takes us back
    to the wooden cabin from our childhood!

    #Must-visit in Pyeongchang #Holiday in Pyeongchang
    #Pyeongchang Pool Villa #Pyeongchang Hotel Vacation & Tour Go play in Pyeongchang #Pyeongchang Riverhill

  • A small, cozy café #Small Log House It’s a coffee roaster café where the delicious aroma of coffee lingers in the air. Specializing in hand-dripped coffee, the café serves coffee other than your usual Americano!

    #Must-visit in Pyeongchang #Holiday in Pyeongchang #Small Log House in Pyeongchang #Go play in Pyeongchang #Foodie Trip in Pyeongchang #Café Tour in Pyeongchang

  • Café near Woljeongsa Temple #Cafe Yeonwonil Like a beautiful framed painting Café Yeonwonil comes with more than tasty carrot cake, A true must-visit hot spot with floor-to-ceiling window views!

    #Must-visit in Pyeongchang #Holiday in Pyeongchang #Delicious place in Pyeongchang #Visit and Play in Pyeongchang #Café Tour in Pyeongchang #Cafe Yeonwonil

77, Guncheong-gil, Pyeongchang-eup, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do 25374, Republic of Korea
TEL : +82-(0)33-330-2000 FAX : +82-(0)33-330-2828
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